I was going to do a blog about all the good music I heard during Q3 2020. However, given the weather went south once October started, I thought a mix would better showcase the tunes.

I spent time out on the bike as always but also enjoyed taking in the fabulous sunsets September often brings. Although, I’ll miss the summer, the sunsets are too late for an early to bed merchant like myself.

Up the hill.

The spot of choice is a hill south west of home and provides an uninterrupted view over the mountains to the west. During September the sun sets between the mountains. I’ve yet to encounter another person at the spot I go to. Happy with that.

Sunset from Mailer Hill, Perth.

The baw sometimes comes with.

This mix reflects time spent watching the sun go down during September. Good times.

  1. ‘Sonar’ – Nils Frahm
  2. ‘QP-06.33’ – Quiet Places
  3. ‘Atlantis’ – Forrest Fang
  4. ‘Recumbent Speech’ – Ezra Feinberg
  5. ‘Yet Another Reason To Be Still’ – Endless Melancholy
  6. ‘In Search Of Sleep’ – Aiden Baker
  7. ‘Aguas Frescas’ – LNZNDRF
  8. ‘Exit’ – Auscultation
  9. ‘Chorale Parts 1-4’ (Voiceless Mix)’ – Max Richter
  10. ‘That’s How You Get Hurt’ – Courtney Marie Andrews


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