Steve Pacheco – ‘Constellate’

Steve Pacheco is a classical music loving artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. His debut album Constellate (also recorded in LA) was released in 2017 on Belgian label Dauw, and it sold out. The label do quirky cassette releases, in this case a run of 90, so it just takes a few die-hards... Continue Reading →


Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano – ‘Everything’

I bought this album on a whim. Browsing through the new releases in Fopp, the staff written (possibly) description of the album intrigued me. What was actually stuck to the album cover escapes me now, but it was certainly enticing enough to buy.  I'm glad I did as this became my favourite album of 2017.... Continue Reading →

Federico Albanese – ‘By the Deep Sea’

I discovered Federico Albanese when he released The Blue Hour in 2016. This was a winter i remember because of the music i played religiously during that period. AWVFTS Atomos, Ocoeur Reversed and both Jon Hopkins and Nils Frahms Late Night Tales mixes soundtracked those winter months along with The Blue Hour. The title track blew... Continue Reading →

Hotel Neon – ‘Context’

I'd never heard of Hotel Neon. I'd read about them in an end of the year album list. One or 2 people said 'yeah we love that album by so and so but Hotel Neon Context....' Turns out this is their 3rd album and they hail from my sisters hometown of Philadelphia. #knowledge Context is... Continue Reading →

Nils Frahm – ‘All Melody’

The first album i bought in 2018 was the much anticipated All Melody by Nils Frahm. Ever since the video snippet was posted on social media back in November i've been eagerly awaiting its' release. It's a much more varied album than some of the more intimate affairs such as Screws and Solo and it's... Continue Reading →

Jaykits Vol. 10

Jaykits Vol. 10 from 2015 Nada Es Para Siempre by Leandro Fresco Crystal And Stuff by MisTek In The Androgynous Dark by Brambles Feathers by Poppy Ackroyd EIO by Good Weather for an Airstrike with Inachus Atomos VI by A Winged Victory For The Sullen Familiar by Nils Frahm Flown by Julianna Barwick Campfire by Jon Hopkins Daily Catachresis by Moss Garden Sebastian Bergman Credits by Den Fordomde Childhood by Alexander Desplat Slow Breathing Circuit (A Winged Victory For... Continue Reading →

Jaykits Vol. 11

Jaykits Vol. 11 from 2016 Frank’s Axe Monologue by Frank Underwood Opening Up by Horizontal Excursions Chance by Ocoeur The Art Of Forgetting Yourself by Kenneth James Gibson Shadow Cutting by Ben Chatwin Regenerative Being by Eluvium Öldurót by Ólafur Arnalds Time As A Reward (Album Version) by Warmth The Blue Hour by Federico Albanese Teil I by Kjartan Sveinsson A Song For Europa by Jóhann Jóhannsson Norrland by Gidge Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand) by Irma Thomas... Continue Reading →

Jaykits Vol. 12

The 12th annual Jaykits mix is available. Had a lot of fun putting this together. Tracklist: Is He a Good Sheriff, or a Bad Sheriff? by Music From Fortitude Pulsus by Billow Observatory Empty Calls Quiet by Levi Patel Rec Apr. 15, 18.32 by Illuvia 3WW by Alt-J Little’s Theme by Nicholas Brittell Winding and Unwinding by Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano Permafrost by Ben Frost Un Horizointe En Llamas by Leandro... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Albums of 2017

A not bad year for music, not bad at all. 1. ‘Everything’ - Ben Lukas Boysen & Sebastian Plano 2. ‘Cigarettes After Sex’ - Cigarettes After Sex 3. ‘II:Plains/Patterns’ - Billow Observatory 4. ‘Slowdive’ - Slowdive 5. ‘Pop Ambient 2018’ - Various Artists 6. ‘Carry Fire’ - Robert Plant 7. ‘Don’t Get Lost’ - Brian... Continue Reading →

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